Year 9 Options

Making curriculum choices in Year 9 is a very important decision as it will shape your time at school for the next two years and beyond. It is also an exciting opportunity to think very carefully about your future aspirations.

There will be core subjects that everyone will study but you will also have a choice of optional subjects. It is important to choose subjects that you are interested in so you will be motivated to work hard. Take advice from your current subject teacher and think about the way the course and exams are structured. This process of researching, reflection and discussion is very important as we offer a range of subjects, including some that were not studied in Key Stage 3. It is therefore essential to take time to understand what each course offers, what combinations are possible, and what is most suitable for each student as an individual.

Think as well about future studies. What grades will you need if you wish to study the subject further at Sixth Form? What subjects would be useful for a University course or career aspiration.

At Beacon Academy we will provide you with information and advice to help you make those informed decisions. The first important step is to attend our Year 9 Options Evening on Tuesday 23 January 2018 where there will be staff and information available to help you with these choices.

Good reasons for choosing an option:

  • You are good at the subject
  • Your research shows it will interest you and motivate you to learn
  • It helps to give you plenty of choice post 16
  • You may want to continue studying the subject post 16
  • It fits your career ideas and plans

Bad reasons for choosing an option:

  • Your friends have chosen it
  • You think it will be easy
  • You think it is a good option for a boy/girl
  • Someone else thinks it is a good idea
  • You like the teacher you have now for this subject

2018 Year 9 Options Booklet

New GCSE Grading from 2017

The way GCSE exams are graded changed from 2017. All subjects will be graded from 9 (highest) to 1(lowest). Please click here for more information.