Beacon Academy ensures all students have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, in order to realise their full potential. We support all students to make outstanding academic and personal progress and grow to be equipped for their future lives. Provision may change and develop over time and is responsive to the needs of the particular student or groups of students within the Academy. Beacon Academy recognises that for some students, adaptation, differentiation and personalisation will be needed, along with rigorous monitoring and very regular review to ensure that they are making excellent progress. Some students may need specifically targeted, specialist and intensive support in order to support them to realise their potential. We want the same for all our students, excellence, but recognise that a range of different provision and in-class support will be needed for some students in order for this to be achieved. Our committed team of learning mentors works closely with both teaching and Student Support to ensure a joined up approach to supporting student’s academic and pastoral needs.

The Crowborough and District Cluster Group work together to support pupils with special educational needs. For more information please see our SEND Information Report which has been created with parents and students, and includes information that is considered most useful and explains how we support pupils with Special Educational Needs and disabilities.

For information about East Sussex’s local offer, explaining what is available on a local authority basis, click here

Mrs T Moodie, SENDCo -

Other contact information is as follows:

Ms K Evans, Assistant SENDCo

Miss J Andrews, Senior Learning Mentor, Year 7

Miss N Allen, Senior Learning Mentor, Year 8

Mrs S Bromley, Senior Learning Mentor, Year 9

Miss J Robinson, Senior Learning Mentor, Year 10

Miss J Watson, Senior Learning Mentor, Year 11