PSHE education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage many of the critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up and in adulthood.

By teaching pupils to stay safe and healthy, and by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy, an effective PSHE programme can tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations, and improve the life chances of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. (PSHE Association 2017)

At Beacon PSHE is taught in discreet lessons to all students in Key Stage 3. It covers a variety of topics such as safety, anti-bullying, drugs, alcohol and tobacco education (DATE), careers and sex and relationships education (SRE). In Key Stage 4, PSHE is taught through the tutor time and assembly programme and includes topics such as domestic violence, careers - post16 options and sex and relationships education (SRE). This will be enriched by additional sessions facilitated by external speakers.

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