Progress Reports & Indicator Setting

National indicator grades are based on prior attainment – KS2 SATs. They are an estimate of how any given student should do in a particular subject when they take the final examination in Year 11. They are produced by Fischer Family Trust and they do not change throughout a student’s time at Beacon.

For Years 7 and 8 see below.

For Years 9-11, the national indicator grade is for the end of Year 11 and the completion of the course. This will be shown as a GCSE grade.

For all subjects new GCSE grades are used (1-9). A plus symbol (+) next to the grade indicates that the student has the potential to move to a higher grade, if their approach to learning and homework is consistently good or outstanding. A negative symbol (-) next to the grade indicates that the student is at risk of attaining a lower grade, unless their approach to learning and homework improves.

Projected grades are given by teachers to each student at each tracking point. These grades show what the teacher believes the student would get at the end of Year 11 and are based upon the student’s approach to learning and homework.

Year 7, 8 and PE in year 9:

Student attainment and progress is no longer shown using National Curriculum Levels for students entering the Academy from 2016. Consequently, Beacon Academy no longer uses National Curriculum Levels to show attainment.

For English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Geography, students will be given national indicator grades (see above). These grades will project what GCSE grade each student is capable of achieving in Year 11 based on their Key Stage 2 attainment.

However, French, German, Drama, Art, IT, Physical Education, Technology and Music will use four standards: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. As students begin one of the above subjects, the subject teachers will conduct assessment tasks that will identify what standard of skill and aptitude a student has in that area. This will allow us to allocate the student to a standard. As the student moves through Years 7 and 8, we will be able to monitor their progress based on the standard they are in.

Reports will show what standard the student is in for each of these subjects and their approach to learning and homework. Normally, we would expect a student to remain in the standard throughout Years 7 and 8. However, as a result of the student’s approach to learning and/or homework, students can move into the adjacent standard.

Broadly, a standard will indicate what we would expect a student to do/achieve in the subject as they progress. It will also SUGGEST a potential GCSE grade that could be achieved, if the student were to continue with that subject to Year 11. However, this will only ever be an estimate. For example, Physical Education (PE) in Years 7 and 8 is focused on improving participation and the physical skills of sports. On the other hand, GCSE PE is focused on the assessment of theory and evaluation, and relies more heavily on literacy. Therefore, physical skill in a sport does not necessarily translate to a high grade in GCSE PE. Please refer to the table below:

Standard name Description Potential indicator for end of Key Stage 4 (GCSE)
Platinum Mastery 7-9
Gold National Standard 5-6
Silver Working towards National Standard 3-4
Bronze Working below National Standard 1-2

Approaches to Learning and Approaches to homework/independent study:

We will also monitor and report on the following for ALL years:

  1. Approach to learning within the classroom
  2. Approach to homework/ coursework, controlled assessments and independent study

We use the following grading system for the above areas:

  • Grade 1 = Outstanding - committed
  • Grade 2 = Good – responsible & tried their best
  • Grade 3 = Requirement to improve – doing the bare minimum & coasting
  • Grade 4 = Cause for concern – behaviour & effort harms theirs and others’ progress

Please see the table below for detailed descriptors relating to the grades:

Table for detailed descriptors relating to the grades

For further information on Key Stage 3 & 4 Tracking and Reporting please see our Frequently Asked Questions KS3&4.

For further information on Key Stage 5 Tracking and Reporting please click here.

For further details relating to specific year groups, please contact the relevant Head of Year:

Year Director of Learning Email Address
7 Mrs H Bodman
8 & 9 Mrs Horrell
10 & 11 Mr R Hutchison