Educational Visits

Beacon provides opportunities to enrich the curriculum for students through off-site activities and educational visits. Every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Beacon provides opportunities for visits that fit with the curriculum and the department’s medium term plan and enrichment trips that enhance a student’s learning experience in a broader context.

The school has a strong commitment to the added value of learning outside the classroom, some of which takes place beyond the statutory school day and beyond the school premises. The value of off-site activities and educational visits is well recognised by the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team and fully supported throughout the school.

Safety is recognised as paramount and careful planning and adherence to statutory procedures is essential. Please see our Off Site and Educational Visits Policy for full details.

The Governing Body has given its approval to the following types of activities being arranged in support of the educational aims of the school:

  • Out of hours clubs (music, drama, art, science, sport, homework, etc)
  • School teams
  • Regular nearby visits
  • Day visits for particular year groups
  • Residential visits

International Visits

We believe that we have a responsibility to help prepare our young people for their part in the global community and therefore we strive to develop strong international links. These links are forged through a variety of opportunities within and beyond Beacon - designed to ensure our students understand and explore the concept of being global citizens,

Apart from specific aspects of the curriculum taught within the college there is also a range of international projects which students can participate in. Predominant among these is our ongoing partnership with a region in The Gambia.

This major whole school project which started in 1990 and has run continuously since, links to every level of our Community Cohesion strategy:

  • our school community – our students, their parents, carers and families, Beacon’s staff and governing body, everyone is involved in education about and fund raising events for, our annual Gambia trip for 6th Formers,
  • our local community – many local people as individuals, groups and businesses contribute funds to our various Gambia projects either through sponsorship of individual 6th Formers or by attending one of our student organized fund raising events
  • our network of local schools – our 6th formers visit our primary schools to run awareness raising assemblies and encourage them to work with us in support of this vital project.
  • our global community - fundamentally all the above activities help to promote understanding of the international element of life in the 21st century and the fact that we are all an integral part of the global community.

For further information please see our Gambia page in the Sixth Form section of the site.

Other international educational trips include

  • European trips run by the Modern Foreign Languages Dept to FRANCE and GERMANY(Kamp Bornhofen, Berlin)
  • Historical trips to significant World War sites in EUROPE eg Ypres in Belgium,
  • Activity trips to EUROPE -Skiing
  • Cultural trips to NORTH AMERICA - USA – New York and Washington