Student Voice & Leadership

Every student at Beacon Academy has the opportunity to be involved in student voice. We believe that everyone must, in line with modern British values, be encouraged to actively participate in the development of the school.

We have an Academy Council which meets termly to discuss issues and ideas raised by all year groups. The items discussed at these meetings will have been generated from our students.

All students are encouraged to make suggestions or discuss topics at tutor group meetings. Each tutor group will then have an elected tutor group representative who will take any ideas or questions forward to a year group meeting.

Year group council meetings are held termly, chaired by the Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year. Ideas generated by the tutor group meetings are discussed here. Year specific action points are agreed and acted upon. Students elect two representatives from the year group to take their wider views forward to the Academy Council which is led by the Senior Student Leadership Team.

Students on the Academy Council represent their year group and work collaboratively with each other and members of staff, producing actions to follow up if necessary. The minutes or outcomes of these meetings are discussed at the highest level within our school, at Senior Leadership Team meetings and also with the Board of Trustees. The Academy Council minutes can be found on our website so all our stakeholders can see how the student body helps us shape Beacon Academy.

The aims of the student council at all levels are to:

  • enable student voice to be heard and responded to
  • enable students to voice concerns and make suggestions about aspects of school life that affect them, and their learning
  • allow for greater collaboration between year groups
  • undertake projects that help to take forward the development of Beacon Academy.
Academy Council meet Crowborough TC 4 for web

Click here to read about our 2018-19 Academy Council’s meeting with Crowborough Town Council.

The minutes from the latest Academy Council meeting can be downloaded below:

Academy Council Minutes December 2018

Academy Council Minutes October 2018

Senior Student Leadership Team

Working alongside the Academy Council, the Beacon Academy Senior Student Leadership Team are the school’s representatives who provide a voice for the student body.

All members of the Senior Student Leadership Team made a formal application for their role, and those who were successful were invited to interview with Ms Robinson, Mr Slattery, Mrs Ducker and Miss Miller.

The Senior Student Leadership roles have been designed to reflect the staff leadership structure at Beacon Academy, and the team will work together throughout the year to achieve whole school goals that they have decided to focus on for 2019. The team will also work alongside our Academy Council, Year Council representatives, Student Ambassadors and Subject Mentors across the Academy. The Senior Student Leadership Team will also attend and support key events throughout the year.

Becoming a part of the Senior Student Leadership Team allows the students the opportunity to develop confidence, resilience and independence through public speaking, mentoring and taking part in events. Working alongside the Academy Council, they give a voice to the student body, addressing any concerns and sharing ideas that may arise. The 2019 Senior Student Leadership Team will focus on two key areas of student life at Beacon: Personal Development and Curriculum and Events. The team will liaise with key members of teaching and support staff at the Academy, depending on the focus of their role and the area that they are working in.

Further information about the 2019 Senior Student Leadership Team, including their individual roles and responsibilities will be available to view here shortly.

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