Reading for Pleasure

Reading Lists

It is our goal at Beacon Academy to provide students with every opportunity to experience a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in their reading and learning. Teachers choose certain works for students to read or view because of their literary merit, their contribution to the subject of study, or because they are part of the qualification’s specification. Our suggested reading lists specific to age groups can be downloaded below using the links.

Recommended Reading List for Year 7 and Above

Recommended Reading List for Year 9 and Above

Recommended Reading List for Year 10 and Above

Inevitably, the material we have suggested will deal with a wide range of themes: some of which will be of an adult nature. We are sensitive to the values of the many different families that make up our community, and we know that not all texts are right for all students. Consequently, we have worked hard to provide a wide selection of titles in our reading lists to provide breadth and depth. We recognise that parents/carers will want to make choices with their children about what is suitable for them to read and does not undermine your family’s values.

We would like to encourage you to participate in your child’s reading for pleasure and engage in discussions with them about their chosen reading book. We look forward to working together as all our students experience the rewards of reading.

Drop Everything and Read

All students at Beacon Academy are expected to have a reading book with them as part of their daily equipment. At least thirty minutes silent reading in morning tutor sessions is expected every week in addition to further independent reading at home.

Please see our suggested reading list for inspiration.

Suggested Reading List

Poetry by Heart

Poetry by Heart is a national competition involving the learning and recitation of poetry by students. It is open to all students from years 10 to 13. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to become really immersed in literature and we encourage all students from these year groups to participate.

For more information, see the link below: