In 2015 Beacon Academy gained the Investors in Careers Award for demonstrating our ongoing commitment to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for all students. We intend to be reassessed in June 2018 as it allows us to evaluate our current provision, plan for the future and confirm our commitment to CEIAG.

Beacon students follow a planned programme of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) from Years 7-13. The students have the opportunity to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, skills and interests. They will also understand the various educational pathways that are available to them and which pathway is most suited to their ability and learning style through a comprehensive mentoring programme. At pivotal times such as Year 9 Options choices, taster sessions/days are provided to support students with their choices. Students also have the opportunity to seek advice and guidance from mentors, tutors, teachers and the student support services team in offering support in choosing the correct pathway suited to the student.

All students in Year 10 and above receive independent and impartial careers guidance from our Careers Advisor, Mr Williams who is based primarily at the Sixth Form Centre but works across both sites. Students can self-refer for careers interviews, or staff or parents can refer; parents/carers are also welcome to attend the careers interview with their child.

In the Sixth Form there is a full support programme for 17+ and 18+ choices, and our students are guided carefully through the UCAS process should they wish to go on to university. All non-UCAS school leavers are supported in making their choice of employment or training by one-to-one careers interviews and mentor support.

To request an interview, for students in years 10 or 11, contact Mrs Layne: and for students in years 12-14 contact Mr Williams:

Please note that students hoping to go into, Veterinarian Medicine, Medicine, Law, Science, Engineering or Maths at University should speak to their tutors at the earliest opportunity for qualification guidance.

Thinking ahead

Year 7 & 8

You might think that making choices about the future is a long way off, but skills and interests that you develop when you are younger often turn out to be the starting point for a business or career.

Extras that will help

Explore your interests and hobbies, ask people about their jobs and businesses - find out about careers that interest you.

Year 9

Choosing your options is the first time at school that you have some choice about what to study. It is a good time to start to explore what you might like to do in the future but we are not asking you to decide on a future career.

Extras that will help

Keep your options open so that you do not limit your choices in the future. That is why we have a core curriculum that everyone follows, try new things - join clubs and teams, volunteer and take part.

Year 10 & 11


Aim to get the best GCSE/Level 2 grades that you can – increasingly employers look at KS4 achievement as well as KS5/University grades as proof of your positive attitude towards work.

Extras that will help

Work experience, peer mentoring, charities, fundraising, performance - dance, drama, music, volunteering, Rotary, Duke of Edinburgh are just a few suggestions,- see your tutors for more.

Careers Education Programme

Work Experience

Beacon offers a comprehensive voluntary work experience programme for years 11 and 12. Year 11 students have the opportunity to take part in a week’s placement at the beginning of July after GCSEs are complete. Year 12 are offered a week in December, February or July and also have the chance of a weekly or fortnightly placement if they have free sessions in their timetable.

East Sussex County Council charges a nominal fee which provides students with access to the Aspire Work Experience Database in order to search for ‘employers’ and ensures that each organisation has appropriate insurance and is health and safety checked.

Students are not restricted to organisations on the database and are encouraged to discuss any career path or work experience options they may have with our Work Experience Co-ordinator. There may be an extra fee for placements whose registered addresses are outside East Sussex.

Many University/College courses will require some evidence of work experience when applications are made, plus any work experience will be looked upon favourably on CVs for job applications. Experience of working with people in any field is extremely beneficial so students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities on offer!

Those wishing to discuss ideas further should contact Mrs Jones, Work Experience Co-ordinator on ext.188 or email or alternatively students can visit Mrs Jones in her office at Beeches site or at Sixth Form on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings to discuss their thoughts.

Alternatively if you work for or know an organisation that would be happy to take work experience students and help inspire career choices please also make contact with Mrs Jones using the above details.

Work Related Learning Programme

Careers Websites

There is lots of online information to help you to think about what you might want to do after school. Parents, teachers and friends can help you to explore careers and jobs and to identify your skills and aptitudes - this will help you to make choices. We have listed below some of the websites you may wish to use to help you as you search amongst all the opportunities that are available.

Parents Guide - Win That Job