Year 11 Into Year 12 Transition Portal


On this page you will find the Year 11 into Year 12 transition work which is issued at the Sixth Form Induction Day.

It is compulsory for students who have applied to the Sixth Form to complete the transition work in their chosen subjects. This work is valuable as it gets you prepared to start your A-Level courses, but it also gives you a taste of what the subjects will be like. It would also be extremely beneficial for students who have made alternative post-16 choices to attempt the work in subjects that may be relevant to their future courses.

By making the transition work for all subjects available to everyone you can also look more widely at other subjects if you think you might change your mind or need different options.

Sixth Form departments have also thought about what you could be doing over the next weeks and months to enrich your knowledge. As a result, they have provided a range of optional enrichment tasks and resources that they feel would be valuable and interesting. They will support your wider knowledge and understanding for A-Level study, but also act as an excellent stepping-stone to potential university study. You are encouraged to look at the tasks in your chosen subjects, but you are also free to look at the resources for any other subject that interests you.

Please contact Mrs Hilton, Sixth Form Manager, if you have any queries:

Sixth Form Transition Booklet: 2020-21

Sixth Form Bursary Pack: 2020-21

Year 11 into Year 12 Induction Days - June 2021

This year we will be running two Induction Days for all Year 11 students who have applied to the Sixth Form. Applicants for the Sixth Form should attend both Induction Days. The dates of these Induction Days are Tuesday 22 June and Tuesday 29 June 2021.

The following transition tasks and enrichment activities were produced for students progressing to Sixth Form in September 2020.

Year 11 into Year 12 Transition Work


A Level Art, Art Photography and Art Graphics Transition Work

Art Enrichment: Art Is Where the Home Is Activity Pack


Biology Transition Work

Biology Transition Work: Microscopes Biofact Sheet

Biology Enrichment Activities


Chemistry Transition Work

Chemistry Course Information and Extension Activities

Computer Science

Year 12 A Level Computer Science Transition Work

Computer Science Enrichment Activities


Criminology Induction Workbook

Criminology Enrichment Activites

CTech Sport

OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport Transition Work

Digital Media

Digital Media Transition Work

Digital Media Enrichment Activities


Drama Transition Booklet

Drama Transition Work Tasks

Drama Enrichment Activities

English Literature

English Literature Transition Work

English Literature Enrichment Tasks

English Literature Enrichment: Making the Leap from GCSE to A Level English


Geography Transition and Enrichment for A Level


History Transition Work

History Transition Work: "India in 1914" by Sean Lang

History Enrichment Activities

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Transition Work

Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care


Mathematics Enrichment Resources

Modern Foreign Languages

French Transition Work and Enrichment Activities

German Transition Work and Enrichment Activities

Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy and Ethics Transition Task Work

Philosophy and Ethics Transition Task Sheet

Philosophy and Ethics Enrichment Activities


Physics Enrichment Activities


Politics Transition Work

Politics Enrichment Resources

Politics Transition Work: Factors Determining the 2019 General Election Result

Product Design

Product Design Transition Work

Product Design Transition Work Example: Art Nouveau

Product Design Transition Work Example: Zaha Hadid

Product Design Enrichment Project


Find further information about the course content at Learndojo’s A-Level Revision page for Psychology.

Psychology Transition Work

Psychology Enrichment Activities


Sociology Transition Work

Sociology Enrichment Activities