Progress & Tracking at Key Stage 5

A2 Indicator

This is a letter grade that you should achieve if you achieve the national average for a student of your ability in that subject.

A-level subject grades are graded A to U.

BTEC subject grades are graded D*-F (where a D = Distinction, M = Merit, P= Pass and F= fail).

Approaches to Learning and Approaches to homework/independent study:

We monitor and report on the following for ALL years:

  1. Approach to learning – effort and behaviour
  2. Approach to Independent study/Homework – attitude, quality and deadlines

We use the following grading system for the above areas:

Grade 1 = Outstanding

The quality of work, behaviour or ability to meet a deadline is outstanding. The student consistently makes an excellent level of effort, working above and beyond expectations. For instance resubmitting improved essays following feedback, completing additional essays, completing past papers or tasks of their own accord, taking a general interest in the topics.

Grade 2 = Good

All work is of a high standard and behaviour expectations and deadlines are met. The student prepares diligently for lessons, is organised and punctual and contributes effectively to their classes. Students use their lessons and study time effectively. At A-Level, ‘Good’ is the minimum expectation.

Grade 3 = Requirement to improve

The quality of work, behaviour or ability to meet a deadline requires immediate improvement in order to achieve expectations. The student should speak to their subject teacher to establish way in which they can improve their grade to ensure they do not jeopardise their chances of success.

Grade 4 = Inadequate

The quality of work, effort, behaviour or ability to meet a deadline is substantially below the expected level. This is a high concern. Students should seek immediate guidance from their subject teachers to establish a way to improve their grade. It is very unlikely that students graded as ‘inadequate’ will be successful in their examinations and rapid intervention will be required. If grades are consistently inadequate, the value of the student continuing in the 6th form will be reviewed.

For further information on Key Stage 5 Tracking and Reporting please see our Frequently Asked Questions Key Stage 5.

For further details relating to specific year groups, please contact the relevant Head of Year:

Year Heads of Year Email address
12 Dr J Grossman
13 Mr C Howarth