Applications for September 2019 are now open. To apply, you will need to complete your application form and return it to the Sixth Form Centre indicating your proposed choice of courses and subjects along with your written personal statement as soon as possible.

The initial deadline for applications was Monday 3 December 2018. While we will accept late applications, over time it will become harder to ensure your choices are taken into account when we structure the new timetable for September 2019. We advise you to rank your subjects in order of preference. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all subject combinations will be possible, however in most academic years we cater for the vast majority of our students.

What to study

Choosing your programme of study

We understand that the decision about which subjects to study may well be a difficult one for you. We have an exciting range of courses on offer at Beacon at Level 3, so making your choices does mean that you will need to give it careful thought.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are putting together a combination of courses for your Year 12, which will help you to achieve your goals and not just a collection of subjects. You will need to :

  • Read the details about the subject specifications very carefully.
  • Talk to your subject teacher/s about the subject at Sixth Form Level. Do not assume you know about a subject just because you have done it at GCSE.
  • Look at the content and pattern of assessment. You may well be studying the subject for two years and possibly even longer.
  • Talk to your Year 11 tutor about your choices.
  • Be aware of your predicted grades at GCSE and read the Entry Requirements for each subject carefully.
  • Talk to the Careers Teacher/Adviser, particularly if you have a specific career in mind. Some careers specifically request certain subject combinations and it is important that you know this before you embark on your course of study.
  • Read University Prospectuses looking at degree courses which may already interest you. Think ahead as some degree courses favour certain subject combinations. Sixth Form Staff will also advise you about University requirements. The UCAS website is a useful starting point for any research. Feel free to visit the Sixth Form Centre to use our library.
  • Talk to your parents about your intended choices. They want you to be successful in your Sixth Form choices so involve them in your decision-making.
  • In listening to the advice given, you must remember that it is you who will be following the courses. The key to success – is that you must want to do the subjects you finally choose to do.

Courses offered

Students following a level 3 course normally select the equivalent of three subjects. This can be made up of three A Level subjects or a double vocational award and a further A Level. On top of this students may also select a sport. In some cases if you are doing particularly well at GCSE we may advise you to study four subjects. We can help you make this decision at your interview. We have a number of Cambridge Technical, and Btecs which have a majority of coursework along with some exams. Some of these are double awards, which means that they are the equivalent of two A levels and allow you to specialise in an area of interest e.g Sport/Digital Media/Health.

GCSE retakes in English and Maths are also available for those students who still need to achieve the valuable grade 4.

How to choose your subjects

Think of your likely results in the summer and you will be able to see the types of courses you ought to be considering, in recognition of the needs of individual students the Assistant Headteacher of the Academy reserves the right to vary the programme of study as appropriate. As you consider your Sixth Form options you need to ask yourself the following question: What level of qualification am I aiming for?

What are the entry requirements for the Level of course I wish to study?

Apart from the guidance given about levels and entry requirements you will also need to check the entry requirements for each of your chosen subjects. These entry requirements vary from subject to subject and are based on the experience of the Department in preparing students to successfully complete a course at Advanced or Intermediate level. It is not in your interest to embark on a course of study in the Sixth Form without the necessary qualifications to build on.

Sixth Form Course Information & Entry Requirements Booklet

General Information Applying to Sixth Form for September 2019


After your application has been received you will attend an interview with a member of the Sixth Form team in January or February 2019. Your parents may also attend this meeting. At this interview we will discuss your needs and the requirements of the courses you wish to follow. However, changes to your courses can be made with guidance, right up to the start of term – this may particularly apply if your GCSE results were not as expected.

Please contact Sixth Form Manager, Mrs Amanda Hilton for further details 01892 603018

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