Year 12 Study Skills Sessions

Year 12 Study Skills Sessions

Students in Year 12 are taking part in a series of Study Skills sessions designed to support them to work smarter and develop as independent learners.

Written and devised by Head of Science at Beacon Academy, Dr Amber Cumpstey, the course aims to teach students strategies that empower them to study more efficiently and effectively. Students are encouraged to analyse their own study habits and think about what positive steps they could take to keep making improvements over time. In group work, students are also asked to listen to one another and suggest strategies that could support their peers.

Importantly, the course teaches students how to recognise how their own natural independent working rhythms and how to harness this to adjust and organise the tasks on their to-do list accordingly. Whether they are working on complex, routine or repetitive tasks, learning how to adjust their goal to suit their mental capacity at that time is one of the keys to working smarter.

The course handbook reminds students of the different techniques they can use and provides a space for students to monitor and build upon the number of hours of quality independent work they complete, with the aim of eventually achieving twenty hours of quality independent work each week.

Assistant Headteacher at Sixth Form and Head of Year 12, Dr Katrina Grossman, comments:

“We were aware that the students in Year 12 had not had the opportunity to revise for their GCSE exams due to Covid and that they were therefore less aware of how to work independently and revise, or indeed to understand what the demands of A Level and vocational qualifications in the Sixth Form would be with regard to this. This course is designed to help them develop their study habits and develop their metacognitive understanding. It is an excellent course and I am sure that they will benefit hugely form their participation in it. We are very grateful to Dr Cumpstey for all her hard work in putting the course together and delivering it with Mrs Williams.”

Over the course of Term 5, Year 12 will attend three interactive presentations and one general review session, each of which will be delivered by Dr Cumpstey or Assistant Head of Year 12; Mrs Kate Williams.

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