A generous donation of library books

A generous donation of library books

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr Josephine Balmer and the Balmer family, who have generously donated a large number of academic reference books and classical works to our Library and Humanities department.

The family have many connections to schools and education in the local community, and so we are especially delighted that they contacted our school with this generous donation for the benefit of our students.

The donation includes an extensive assortment of natural history books collected by Mrs Darlene Balmer, who was Headmistress of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Crowborough from 1967 to 1996. There are several hardback guides to flowers, birds and butterflies, all in pristine condition, as well as the Flora of Ashdown Forest.

Also included is a complete Oxford History of Britain, a history of Philosophy and several Penguin Classics, collected by Mr Ted Balmer, who was Head of Mathematics at St Gregory’s Catholic School in Tunbridge Wells for more than thirty years from 1966 to 1997.

Dr Balmer’s late father-in-law, Mr Trevor Dunn, joined Beacon as a Teacher of Science in 1956 (when it was then Crowborough County Secondary Modern School) and later went on to become Head of Lower School and was the first Head on our then new site at Green Lane. Dr Balmer’s late mother-in-law, Mrs Sheila Dunn, was Head of Infants at Sir Henry Fermor CE Primary School.

Now, when restrictions are lifted, in addition to finding wider reading to support and enrich their learning in the Library, students will be able to access the books via new scholar shelves to be displayed in Geography, History and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics classrooms.