Beacon Academy students continue to excel in new, tougher GCSEs

Beacon Academy students continue to excel in new, tougher GCSEs

This year’s GCSEs, just like A Levels, have continued to go through the significant national reforms that were first introduced in the 2017 exam series.

For our 2019 Year 11 cohort, this meant that they all, alongside the vast majority of students nationally, sat the reformed, more challenging GCSE examinations in all of their subjects this year rather than as in previous years, a mixture of old and new. The grading for these GCSEs is now the same for all subjects at Beacon Academy. These have moved from the old A star - G scale to a 9 - 1 scale, with 9 being the very highest. Grade 4 is considered a Standard Pass (the old C grade) and grade 5 a Strong Pass.

The key measures are:

  • Grades 9-4 = Standard pass, the old A star - C measure
  • Grades 9-5 = Strong pass, the old A star - B measure
  • Grades 9-7 = Top grades, the old A star - A measure

Following on from last week’s excellent A Level results, we are delighted and immensely proud to announce that we have replicated those achievements with some really exceptional GCSE results for our 2018-2019 cohort.

Yet again, our phenomenal students have a great deal to be proud of and much to celebrate. Over 79% of our students have achieved English and Maths (Basics) at grades 9 - 4 (the Government’s Standard Pass – equivalent to the old grades A star - C). Over 64% have achieved English and Maths (Basics) at grades 9 - 5 (the Government’s Strong Pass).

We are also thrilled to report that our students have more than exceeded their ambitious targets in all of the government headline measures and subject areas. 28.6% of our students’ results were the top grades 9 - 7 (the old A star - A measure), this is over 8% above this year’s national average of 20.8% and over 72% of the entries are grades 9-5 (the old A star - B measure). Our students achieved a pass rate of 85% (grade 4 or above), 18% above the national average of 67.3%.

Our inspirational students have achieved some truly exceptional results across a broad range of subjects, and in many cases have surpassed national averages once again. We have some notably exceptional subject performances once again this year:

  • In English, 38% of the whole year group achieved the very top grades of 9 - 7 (the old A star - A). 80% achieved grades 9-5 (Strong Pass) and 87% achieved grades 9 - 4 (Standard Pass).

  • In Mathematics, a quarter of the whole year group achieved the very top grades of 9 - 7 (the old A star - A). 67% achieved grades 9 - 5 (Strong Pass) and 83% achieved a standard pass with grades 9 - 4 (equivalent to the old grades A star - C).

Standard Passes:

  • Over half of our GCSE/equivalent courses achieved a standard pass rate of 100% (9 - 4 grades the old A star - C grades). These were GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Art & Design, Dance and Physical Education, and GCSE equivalents in Health & Social Care, Health & Fitness, Engineering, Performing Arts and Business Studies.

  • All of our GCSE/equivalent courses achieved a standard pass rate of over 60% (9 - 4 grades the old A star - C grades).

Strong Passes:

  • A quarter of our GCSE/equivalent courses achieved a strong pass rate of over 90% (9-5 grades), with German achieving a strong pass rate of 100% (9-5 grades). These were GCSEs in German, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art & Design and GCSE equivalent in Performing Arts.

  • Three quarters of our GCSE/equivalent courses achieved a strong pass rate of over 60% (9-5 grades).

Top Grades (9 - 7 grades, equivalent to the old A star / A grades):

  • In 17 of our 25 GCSE/equivalent courses, at least a quarter of students achieved the top 9-7 grades.

  • In 4 of them, over half of students achieved the top 9-7 grades. These were Performing Arts (70%), German (62%), Chemistry (53%) and Biology (51%).

GCSE Results 2019 13 for webGCSE Results 2019 23 for webGCSE Results 2019 9 for webGCSE Results 2019 14 for web

It is always difficult to single out individual students, however we would like to congratulate our highest performing students this year on the number of grades 9 - 7 that they achieved in their exams:

Student name Number of grades 9 - 7
Theo Kemp 11
Ellie Smith 11
Steven Warner 11
Anna Bates 10
Matthew Cowen 10
Olivia Bamford 9
Amelie Cooke 9
Emily Ing 9
Mohammed Islam 9
McKinley Loxton-Read 9
Annabelle Martin 9
Jennifer Roberts 9
Jessica Sharp 9
Dillon Dowson 8
George Hare 8
Louis Hitam 8
Grace Marley 8
Martha Parsons 8
Daniel Willmott 8

GCSE Results 2019 7 for webGCSE Results 2019 21 for webGCSE Results 2019 6 for webGCSE Results 2019 18 for web

The following twenty four students achieved one or more of the new grade 9:

Student name Number of grade 9s achieved
Steven Warner 8
Anna Bates 7
Matthew Cowen 6
Emily Ing 5
Theo Kemp 5
McKinley Loxton-Read 4
Amelie Cooke 2
Mohammed Islam 2
Chris Lau 2
Jennifer Roberts 2
Ryan Ayley 1
Sophie Clements 1
Daisy Clifford 1
Caitlin Coster 1
Thomas Guiton 1
Lily Harman 1
Eloise Hinton 1
Louis Hitam 1
William Jones 1
Robyn Laidler 1
Sophia Lederman 1
Tahlia Lippett 1
Catherine Longy 1
Ellie Smith 1

GCSE Results 2019 15 for webGCSE Results 2019 17 for webGCSE Results 2019 11 for webGCSE Results 2019 20 for web

The following ten students gained a grade 9 in Mathematics:

  • Anna Bates
  • Matthew Cowen
  • Thomas Guiton
  • Louis Hitam
  • Emily Ing
  • Mohammed Islam
  • Theo Kemp
  • Tahlia Lippett
  • McKinley Loxton-Read
  • Steven Warner

GCSE Results 2019 16 for webGCSE Results 2019 19 for webGCSE Results 2019 26 for webGCSE Results 2019 27 for web

The following four students gained English Language at the new grade 9:

  • Anna Bates
  • Sophie Clements
  • Robyn Laidler
  • Steven Warner

Particular congratulations to:

  • Anna Bates and Steven Warner for securing both Maths and English Language at the new grade 9
  • Matthew Cowen, Emily Ing and Steven Warner for achieving all three of the single Science GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs at the new grade 9
  • Amelie Cook for achieving a double grade 9 in the Combined Science qualification (worth two GCSEs)

Finally, the following twenty students have achieved the highest Attainment 8 scores. The Attainment 8 score represents the student’s average achievement across their GCSE subjects and is a key measure for the government within the new exam regime:

Student name Attainment 8 score
Steven Warner 90.0
Anna Bates 89.5
Matthew Cowen 85.0
Theo Kemp 84.0
Emily Ing 84.0
Mohammed Islam 82.5
Amelie Cooke 82.0
McKinley Loxton-Read 79.5
Olivia Bamford 79.5
Jennifer Roberts 78.0
Ellie Smith 76.0
Jessica Sharp 76.0
Chris Lau 76.0
Louis Hitam 76.0
Dillon Dowson 76.0
Daisy Clifford 75.5
Bianca Ramos 75.0
Annabelle Martin 75.0
Daniel Willmott 74.0
George Hare 74.0
GCSE Results 2019 1 for web

Headteacher, Anna Robinson has congratulated the year group on their successes and results on behalf of all staff and trustees at the Academy, commenting;

“As ever, I am absolutely delighted and enormously proud of our totally inspiring students. Each one of them had a different starting point and they will undoubtedly have had so many people and things that will have influenced them, their progress and attainment during the years that they have spent with us at Beacon Academy. It has been the most incredible journey for them all and these results are a tangible testament to their dedication and hard work. Collectively and individually they have done so well - we are all celebrating their achievements at every level and in all subjects. Once again there has been an immense team effort from the staff and students, alongside immeasurable support from their parents and carers throughout the academic year and previous years, to ensure that all of our Year 11s have had the best possible opportunities, putting them in a prime position to achieve the very best outcomes for their futures.

These exceptional results for our students - which will be widely celebrated throughout our school community - are a complete reflection of everyone’s dedication, utter determination and shared belief in one another, and in the potential of each and every student, combined with our unrelenting ambition, resilience and desire to succeed and achieve excellence in all we do at Beacon Academy.”

NB: data correct at time of publishing

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