Wise and Shine Study Workshops

Wise and Shine Study Workshops

Following outstanding feedback from students, staff and parents, we were delighted to welcome training provider, Resilient Me, back to Beacon Academy to run “Wise and Shine” study skills workshops with both students and parents in Years 7 and 10.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote positive mental health and the wellbeing of every student, these training sessions help prepare our young people to recognise and deal with life’s stresses effectively. The workshops for students are designed to build their confidence, inspire them to succeed and equip them with the tools to do so. Year 7 took part in Resilience Workshops, and Year 10 attended Study Wise Workshops to support their introduction to exam courses, learning and developing strategies for managing all aspects of school work.

The workshops have been moved forward in the exam courses, to ensure that the benefit of the experience can be embedded in preparation for the Year 10 Summer Mock Exams as well as the January and March Mock Exams in Year 11, all of which precede the 2020 GCSE exams. Over the course of the training, Principal and founder of Resilient Me, Rachel Munns, practically demonstrates study tips and techniques including mind mapping, information recall and regular review materials.

At the evening seminars, parents were presented with an opportunity to discover how they can better support their child’s learning, particularly in the run up to exams, and gain a valuable insight into the techniques and skills being presented to our students in preparation for the exam courses ahead.

Further information and resources

Copies of the Big Top Model and the Daily Workout can be downloaded from the Resilient Me website.

The following Exam Wise information sheet for parents is available along with other useful resources on our Exams and Revision web page.

Wise & Shine ExamWise Information for Parents