Beacon Academy students continue to excel in new, tougher GCSEs

Beacon Academy students continue to excel in new, tougher GCSEs

This year’s GCSEs, just like A Levels, have once again gone through significant national reforms, meaning that more challenging GCSE examinations have been introduced in the vast majority of subjects for this cohort, alongside the new style English and Mathematics examinations that were first introduced in 2017. The grading for these new style GCSEs (all subjects apart from Sociology and Product Design at Beacon Academy) has also changed, moving from an A star - G scale to a 9 - 1 scale, with 9 being the very highest. Grade 4 is considered a Standard Pass (the old C grade) and grade 5 a Strong Pass.

Following on from last week’s excellent A Level results, we are delighted and immensely proud to announce that we have replicated those achievements with some really exceptional outcomes in our GCSE results for this cohort.

Yet again, our phenomenal students have a great deal to be proud of and much to celebrate. Over 74% of our students have achieved English and Maths (Basics) at grades 9 - 4 (the Government’s new Standard Pass – equivalent to the old grades A star - C). 55% have achieved English and Maths (Basics) at grades 9 - 5 (the Government’s new Strong Pass).

We are also delighted to report that our students have beaten their ambitious targets in a number of the government measures and subject areas. Over 25% of our exam entries are grades 9 - 7 (old A star - A) and 60% of the entries are A star - B grades.

Our students have achieved excellent results across a broad range of subjects, with some notably exceptional subject performances once again this year:

  • In English, 32% of the whole year group achieved the very top grades of 9 - 7 (the old A star - A). 71% achieved grades 9-5 (the Government’s new Strong Pass) and 83% achieved a standard pass with grades 9 - 4 (equivalent to the old grades A star - C).

  • In Mathematics, a quarter of the whole year group achieved the very top grades of 9 - 7 (the old A star - A). 61% achieved grades 9 - 5 (the Government’s new Strong Pass) and 78% achieved a standard pass with grades 9 - 4 (the Government’s new Standard Pass – equivalent to the old grades A star - C).

  • Biology and Physics both achieved 100% 9 - 4 grades, with Chemistry achieving 98%. Music GCSE, our Level 2 VCERTs in Business Studies, Dance and Health and Fitness and our Level 2 TLM IT qualification all also achieved 100% 9 - 4 grades. Modern Foreign Languages performed tremendously well with German 98% and French 91%. Other top performing subjects included Drama with 89% 9 - 4 grades, Art & Design with 83% and Art Photography with 80%.

  • In total, 20 of our 27 GCSE/equivalent courses (74% of them) achieved a standard pass rate of over 65% (9 - 4 grades).

Aaron & Jed for web Isobel & Louis for web Oliver & Anna for web

It is always difficult to single out individual students, however we would like to congratulate our highest performing students this year on the number of grades 9 - 7 that they achieved in their exams:

Student name Number of grades 9 - 7
Louis Kemp 10
Isobel Holmwood 10
Beth Cowley 10
William Pitman 10
Jess Long 10
Samuel Marchesi 10
Charlotte Gregory 10
Maddie Jones 9
Joseph Cue 9
Charles Grant 9
Charlotte Long 9
Kaitlan Cottam 9
Archie Sanders 8
Max Black 8
Harrison Davies 8
William Shepperson 8
Anna Howey 8
Sydney Boyd 8
Toby Powlson 8
Haydn Castle 8

Eleanor Hannah Megan Sydney & Bethan for webArchie Sam Dan Toby William & Charlie for web

The following twenty five students achieved one or more of the new grade 9:

Student name Number of grade 9s achieved
Louis Kemp 6
Isobel Holmwood 4
Beth Cowley 4
Archie Sanders 4
William Pitman 3
Maddie Jones 3
Harrison Davies 3
Jess Long 2
Samuel Marchesi 2
Joseph Cue 2
Kaitlan Cottam 2
William Shepperson 2
Sydney Boyd 2
Bethan Arthur 2
Charles Grant 1
Charlotte Long 1
Max Black 1
Anna Howey 1
Austen Clark 1
Claire Cooper 1
Poppy Down 1
Hannah Scholten 1
Ethan Benton 1
Jed Law 1
Rhiannon Jeffs 1

Harrison for webCharlotte for web

The following eight students gained a grade 9 in Mathematics:

  • Ethan Benton
  • Austen Clark
  • Harrison Davies
  • Isobel Holmwood
  • Louis Kemp
  • William Pitman
  • Archie Sanders
  • William Shepperson

Holly Beth & Kaitlan for webWill Maykal & Aaron for web

The following five students gained English Language at the new grade 9:

  • Sydney Boyd
  • Beth Cowley
  • Isobel Holmwood
  • Maddie Jones
  • Jess Long

Particular congratulations to Isobel Holmwood for securing both Maths and English Language at the new grade 9.

Finally, the following twenty students have achieved the highest Attainment 8 scores. The Attainment 8 score represents the student’s average achievement across their GCSE subjects and is a key measure for the government within the new exam regime:

Student name Attainment 8 score
Louis Kemp 88
Isobel Holmwood 85
Beth Cowley 85
William Pitman 84
Maddie Jones 84
Jess Long 84
Joseph Cue 82
Archie Sanders 81
Samuel Marchesi 81
Max Black 80
Charles Grant 79
Harrison Davies 79
William Shepperson 78
Charlotte Long 78
Anna Howey 78
Kaitlan Cottam 77
Sydney Boyd 77
Austen Clark 76
Charlotte Gregory 75

Top-scoring students, Isobel Holmwood and Louis Kemp with Anna Robinson:

Isobel & Louis with Anna Robinson for web

Headteacher, Anna Robinson congratulated the year group on their successes and results on behalf of all staff and trustees at the Academy, commenting,

“As ever, I am absolutely delighted and immensely proud of our inspirational students – we could not have hoped for a better set of results for our outgoing Year 11s. It has been an incredible journey for them all and these results are a real testament to their dedication and hard work. Once again there has been an immense team effort from the staff and students alongside immeasurable support from their parents and carers throughout the academic year to ensure that all of our Year 11s have had the best possible opportunities, putting them in a prime position to achieve the very best outcomes for their futures.

These exceptional results for our students - which will be widely celebrated throughout our school community - are a complete reflection of everyone’s dedication, utter determination and shared belief in one another, and in the potential of each and every student, combined with our unrelenting ambition, resilience and desire to succeed and achieve excellence in all we do at Beacon Academy.”

NB: data correct at time of publishing

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