Everyday Money Workshop for Year 10 students

Everyday Money Workshop for Year 10 students

Financial services provider, Legal & General visited Beacon Academy last week to deliver workshops to Year 10 students promoting money management.

Legal & General EDM 3

The programme aims to understand young people’s attitudes to money and personal finance, as well as supporting the financial education curriculum. The sessions were structured around the “get it, spend it, save it” plan, and were organised with EdComs, a communications agency that aims to help students to prepare for their financial futures and enhance education by bringing the real world to the classroom. Activities included working out how to manage their money, how to work out income tax and how to budget.

Legal & General EDM

Mr Courtney, Head of Business, Economics and IT, commented, “It is great that this session is aimed for students and pitched appropriately. All students have been really engaged and it is good for them to hear this information from experts to enable them to take this topic seriously.”

Head Girl, Charlotte Cullen, said, “I really enjoyed the way when we started the session we didn’t know much or in some cases anything and we have left knowing what we need to get by. I had a bit of knowledge before the session due to a job outside of school but now I feel a lot better knowing what to expect for the future.”

Legal & General EDM 2