Adverse Weather

In the Event of School Closure

Beacon Academy is aware of the importance of not compromising the teaching and learning opportunities of all our students and therefore in the event of adverse weather there is a clear expectation that we will remain open while it is safe to do so. If Beacon does close, it will probably be because of heavy snow overnight, or cold conditions that have caused a deterioration in the road or site conditions, or a forecast of heavy snow during the day that would cause coaches to be cancelled and give other transport problems.

A careful risk assessment is always undertaken and the health and safety of all our students and staff will be a significant contributing factor as to whether Beacon Academy should close, either fully or partially. There may be circumstances whereby the road conditions have improved but the conditions of the site, or that we have a significantly reduced compliment of staff able to get here, which may mean that we have to close. We may decide to fully close to all students or we may decide to open later to allow for an improvement in road and site conditions or to partially open, giving priority to those students in their exam years. If examinations are due to take place on the day then the school will be open to allow the examinations to go ahead unless there are exceptional circumstances that would not make this possible.

Students will be set homework and should access it through Edulink as usual. All work for that day will be available by 10 am and will be marked accordingly when students return.

How would you know if Beacon were closed?

Listen to Local Radio:

  • Heart Kent 102.8 FM or 103.1 FM
  • KMFM 96.2 FM or 101.6 FM
  • BBC Radio Kent 96.7 or FM 104.2 FM
  • BBC Sussex on 104.5 FM or 104.8 FM
  • BBC Surrey on 104 FM or 104.6 FM
  • Heart FM on 102.4 FM (Eastbourne area)
  • Heart FM on 103.5 FM (Brighton area)
  • These radio stations usually have a snow desk at quarter hour or half hour intervals that lists closed schools.

How would you know when Beacon would re-open?

Parents are asked to regularly check our website for the most up to date information.