Teaching Staff

Name Initials Position Email
Mr Y Abraham YAB Acting Assistant Headteacher y.abraham@beacon-academy.org
Mr R Arthur RAR Teacher of Humanities & Head of Geography r.arthur@beacon-academy.org
Ms S Ashworth SAS Teacher of Art s.ashworth@beacon-academy.org
Mr S Baker SBA Assistant Headteacher s.baker@beacon-academy.org
Miss A Bartlett ABA Teacher of Science a.bartlett@beacon-academy.org
Mr S Berhane SBE Deputy Headteacher s.berhane@beacon-academy.org
Mrs R Bigwood RBI Teacher of Mathematics r.bigwood@beacon-academy.org
Mrs H Bodman HBO Associate Assistant Headteacher h.bodman@beacon-academy.org
Mr A Braidwood ABR Teacher of Humanities a.braidwood@beacon-academy.org
Mrs J Brazier JBZ Teacher of Art j.brazier@beacon-academy.org
Mr K Brown KBR Teacher of Business and Economics k.brown@beaon-academy.org
Mrs R Burrage RBU Teacher of Mathematics r.burrage@beacon-academy.org
Ms S Bursey SBU Acting Assistant Headteacher s.bursey@beacon-academy.org
Mr D Callard DCA Assistant Headteacher d.callard@beacon-academy.org
Mrs K Carney KCA Head of PE k.carney@beacon-academy.org
Mrs K Carter KCA Teacher of English k.carter@beacon-academy.org
Mr P Cottrell PCO Second in Charge PE p.cottrell@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Courtney CCO Head of Department, Business, Economics & Vocational Curriculum c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Mr T Cryle TCR Teacher of Music t.cryle@beacon-academy.org
Mrs T Daines TDA Teacher of English & Mathematics t.daines@beacon-academy.org
Mrs M Davis MDA Teacher of Humanities m.davis@beacon-academy.org
Ms S Dennison SDE Senior Assistant Headteacher s.dennison@beacon-academy.org
Mr G Earl GEA Head of Art and Technology g.earl@beacon-academy.org
Mrs F Edwards FED Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages f.edwards@beacon-academy.org
Dr M Fairbanks MFA Second in Charge English m.fairbanks@beacon-academy.org
Mrs N Francis NFR Second in Charge Technology n.francis@beacon-academy.org
Miss E Furlong EFU Head of KS3 English e.furlong@beacon-academy.org
Miss V Goad VGO Teacher of Science v.goad@beacon-academy.org
Mrs S Greenwood SGR Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages s.greenwood@beacon-academy.org
Dr K Grossman KGR Head of Year 13 & Teacher of Psychology k.grossman@beacon-academy.org
Mr P Hall PHA Assistant Headteacher p.hall2@beacon-academy.org
Mrs E Hamilton-Brown LHB Teacher of English e.hamilton-brown@beacon-academy.org
Mrs A Harrington AHA Teacher of English a.harrington@beacon-academy.org
Mrs V Horrell VHO Head of Years 8 & 9, Teacher of Humanities v.horrell@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Howarth CHO Head of Year 12 & Teacher of Humanities c.howarth@beacon-academy.org
Mr R Hutchison RHU Head of Years 10 & 11 & Teacher of PE r.hutchison@beacon-academy.org
Mr G Ingham GIN Teacher of Humanities & Lead Professional NQTs & ITTs g.ingham@beacon-academy.org
Mr M Jefcoate MJE Head of Creative Media & Teacher of Art & Photography m.jefcoate@beacon-academy.org
Miss A Johnston AJO Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages a.johnston@beacon-academy.org
Mr J Keeler JKE Teacher of Science, Maths & Technology j.keeler@beacon-academy.org
Mr R Lang RLA Teacher of Humanities r.lang@beacon-academy.org
Dr S Leaney SLE Teacher of Science s.leaney@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Lister CLI Head of KS 5 PE & Assistant Head of Years 12 & 13 c.lister@beacon-academy.org
Mr B Marcou BMA Teacher of Mathematics B.Marcou@beacon-academy.org
Miss L Marshall LMA Teacher of Science l.marshall@beacon-academy.org
Mrs L Marshall LMR Teacher of Drama l.b.marshall@beacon-academy.org
Miss N McMahon NMC Teacher of Science n.mcmahon@beacon-academy.org
Mrs S Mercer SME Head of Science s.mercer@beacon-academy.org
Miss I Mepham IME Teacher of Mathematics i.mepham@beacon-academy.org
Mrs T Moodie TMO SENCO t.moodie@beacon-academy.org
Mrs D Morrell DMO Head of Psychology d.morrell@beacon-academy.org
Ms C Mortlock CMO Teacher of English c.mortlock@beacon-academy.org
Mrs S Noble SNO Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages s.noble@beacon-academy.org
Mr C O’Boyle COB Teacher of Science c.oboyle@beacon-academy.org
Mr J O’Brien JBN Teacher of Humanities j.obrien@beacon-academy.org
Miss B Owen BOW Teacher of IT & PE b.owen@beacon-academy.org
Mrs K Pope KPO Teacher of Technology k.pope@beacon-academy.org
Mr O Rees ORE Head of Sociology o.rees@beacon-academy.org
Mr M Rees-Jenkins MRJ Teacher of Mathematics m.rees-jenkins@beacon-academy.org
Mrs N Richards NRI Teacher of PE n.sandalls@beacon-academy.org
Miss K Richardson KRI Teacher of English k.richardson@beacon-academy.org
Miss N Robinson NRO Teacher of Mathematics, Head of KS5 Mathematics n.robinson@beacon-academy.org
Mrs K Ruff KRU Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages k.ruff@beacon-academy.org
Mr W Sawyer WSA Teacher of Science & PE w.sawyer@beacon-academy.org
Miss K Silverton KSI Teacher of English k.silverton@beacon-academy.org
Mr K Slattery KSL Senior Assistant Headteacher k.slattery@beacon-academy.org
Dr D Smith DSM Teacher of Science d.smith@beacon-academy.org
Mrs M Spearman MSP Teacher of Geography m.spearman@beacon-academy.org
Mr A Stoakley ASY Teacher of Science & PE a.stoakley@beacon-academy.org
Mr A Stone AST Second in Charge Mathematics a.stone@beacon-academy.org
Mrs C Thomas CTH Head of Performing Arts c.thomas@beacon-academy.org
Mrs B Trivedi BTR Acting Assistant Headteacher b.trivedi@beacon-academy.org
Miss R Virgo RVI Head of KS3 PE & SSCO r.virgo@beacon-academy.org
Miss A Wallace AWA Teacher of Drama a.wallace@beacon-academy.org
Mrs A Whaley AWH Head of Modern Foreign Languages a.whaley@beacon-academy.org
Dr S Young SYO Teacher of Science s.young@beacon-academy.org