Leaders of Learning

Position Name Email
Art Mr G Earl g.earl@beacon-academy.org
Business Studies Mr C Courtney c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Computer Science Mr C Courtney c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Criminology Mrs D Morrell o.rees@beacon-academy.org
Dance Mrs C Thomas c.thomas@beacon-academy.org
Drama Mrs C Thomas c.thomas@beacon-academy.org
Economics Mr C Courtney c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Engineering Mr J Clark j.clark@beacon-academy.org
English Ms S Bursey s.bursey@beacon-academy.org
French Mrs A Whaley a.whaley@beacon-academy.org
Geography Mr R Arthur r.arthur@beacon-academy.org
German Mrs A Whaley a.whaley@beacon-academy.org
Health and Social Care Ms B Trivedi b.trivedi@beacon-academy.org
History Mr G Ingham g.ingham@beacon-academy.org
Mathematics Mr A Stone a.stone@beacon-academy.org
Music Mrs C Thomas c.thomas@beacon-academy.org
PE Mrs K Carney k.carney@beacon-academy.org
Philosophy Mr O Rees o.rees@beacon-academy.org
Photography Mr G Earl g.earl@beacon-academy.org
PSCHE Miss L Miller l.miller@beacon-academy.org
Psychology Mrs D Morrell d.morrell@beacon-academy.org
Science Dr A Cumpstey a.cumpstey@beacon-academy.org
Sociology Mr O Rees o.rees@beacon-academy.org
Technology Mr G Earl g.earl@beacon-academy.org