Leaders of Learning

Name Position Email
Mr G Ingham Lead Professional: NQT & ITT Training and Development g.ingham@beacon-academy.org
Mr G Earl Art and Technology, Head of Department g.earl@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Courtney Business Studies, Head of Department c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Courtney Computer Science, Head of Department c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Courtney Economics, Head of Department c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Ms S Bursey English, Acting Assistant Headteacher s.bursey@beacon-academy.org
Dr M Fairbanks English, Second in Charge m.fairbanks@beacon-academy.org
Ms E Furlong English, Head of Key Stage 3 e.furlong@beacon-academy.org
Mrs N Francis Food, Head of Department n.francis@beacon-academy.org
Mr R Arthur Geography, Head of Department r.arthur@beacon-academy.org
Mrs B Trivedi Health and Social Care, Acting Assistant Headteacher b.trivedi@beacon-academy.org
Mr D Callard Humanities including RS, Assistant Headteacher d.callard@beacon-academy.org
Mr Y Abraham Mathematics, Acting Assistant Headteacher y.abraham@beacon-academy.org
Mr A Stone Mathematics, Second in Charge a.stone@beacon-academy.org
Miss N Robinson Mathematics, Head of Key Stage 5 n.robinson@beacon-academy.org
Mrs A Whaley Modern Foreign Languages, Head of Department a.whaley@beacon-academy.org
Ms C Thomas Performing Arts Music & Drama, Head of Department c.thomas@beacon-academy.org
Mrs K Carney PE, Head of Department k.carney@beacon-academy.org
Miss R Virgo PE, Head of Key Stage 3 r.virgo@beacon-academy.org
Mr P Cottrell PE, Second in Charge & Key Stage 4 p.cottrell@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Lister PE, Head of Key Stage 5 c.lister@beacon-academy.org
Mrs H Bodman PHSE & PPE, Associate Assistant Headteacher h.bodman@beacon-academy.org
Mrs D Morrell Psychology, Head of Department d.morrell@beacon-academy.org
Mrs S Mercer Science, Head of Department s.mercer@beacon-academy.org
Mr O Rees Sociology, Head of Department o.rees@beacon-academy.org
Mr C Courtney Vocational Curriculum, Head of Department c.courtney@beacon-academy.org
Mrs T Moodie SENCO t.moodie@beacon-academy.org