About Us

We are a split site, rural, mixed 11-18 non-selective converter academy with approximately 1467 students, including over 240 students in our Sixth Form Centre at Green Lane.

Our vision at Beacon Academy is to provide the best possible education for all of our students and to continue to be an exceptional and high-performing educational establishment, locally, nationally and globally. We do this by relentlessly sustaining our culture that is aspirational and ambitious for excellence in all we do. We achieve this by offering a broad, knowledge rich curriculum that has high academic, vocational and technical ambition for all of our students within a disciplined standards agenda. This enables all staff and students to foster exceptional relationships. Our environment is consistently calm, safe and orderly enabling teachers to teach and students to learn.

The relationships between the staff and students are some of the most phenomenal I have ever seen. Staff have high expectations, are ambitious for the students and they know them well. The rigorous focus on the child as a unique individual ensures that the lessons they receive are personalised and allow them to be actively engaged in their learning.

Beacon Academy students are supported and encouraged to be hard working, ambitious, self-motivated, inquisitive, resilient and determined to excel. They are polite, respectful, well behaved, well presented and ready to learn. Manners, acceptance, respect and kindness are expected at all times.

Not only do we have unapologetically high expectations of our students, but the same applies to our staff. The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is expected to be highly effective, enabling all students to make excellent progress.

Beacon Academy draws students from over ten primary schools in Crowborough and the surrounding areas. We also attract a large number of students from outside this traditional catchment area, from Kent and from the independent sector. This wide catchment area generates our truly comprehensive intake, both in terms of ability and socio-economic background.

We have a rigorous, relentless and uncompromising focus on ensuring that all students leave Beacon with the best set of qualifications possible, equipping them for our rapidly changing, highly competitive and exciting world. There is an unwavering and unprecedented commitment and determination from the staff and trustees at Beacon, that all of our students will have access to a wide, rich and varied set of opportunities and experiences, to develop their character and prepare them for future success and happiness in education, employment or training.

Anna Robinson